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021-8011 0699


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Shanghai qunxian industrial (group) co., ltd. ( hereinafter ‘QUNXIAN GROUP’) is an international mineral resources enterprise which was incorporated in June 2017, Headquartered in Shanghai. QUNXIAN GROUP is engaged in all kinds of ferrous metal trading business. It is a bulk commodity trading company with the largest import volume of manganese ore in China. Our company also has other black metal trading business, such as nickel cobalt lithium, vanadium, molybdenum, chrome gold, electrolytic manganese and so on. QUNXIAN GROUP strives to 2030 into the international advanced level in the mining of the third strategic target, by the high quality mineral raw materials for China and the world economic development power, for the majority of investors, employees and other related parties to create greater value.

Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit

Shanghai Qunxian adheres to sincere communication, provides quality service, thinks about what customers want and is anxious about what customers need. It always thinks from the standpoint of customers, actively solves problems for customers in work, creates high-quality contracts, pursues customer satisfaction, and strives to check customer needs in time and maintain the pursuit of perfection.

Global vision

Qunxian based in China, global vision

  • Address: 2F, Building 10, lane 2899,guangfu west road,putuo district, Shanghai

  • The phone:+86 21 80110699

  • fax:+86 21 52373585

  • E-mail:admin@qunxian.com

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